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Prestige Auto Salon is Ceramic Pro Downtown Seattle and we specialize in the best auto detailing Seattle has to offer. What started out as a hobby years ago has turned into a full fledged business. Everyone at this shop has a passion for cars that has stemmed for a life time. We spent our childhoods going to car events with out families and working in garages. Opening a shop like this has always been a dream of ours. What started out as humble beginnings has grown and grown over the years.

The auto detailing industry is constantly growing and evolving and so is our education. We are constantly learning about new tools, products, and concepts that we can provide our customers with. Our team is always looking to perfect our craft and continue growing. Even after all of our experience in the industry, when we first got our hands on Ceramic Pro, we knew it was a game changer. There truly is nothing else on the market quite like Ceramic Pro’s nano ceramic coating.

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