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Ceramic Pro is the best protective coating on the market for your vehicle period. There are plenty of copy cats in the industry, but none compare to the level of protection, depth and shine that Ceramic Pro offers. Ceramic Pro primarily comes in 4 packages: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Sport. There is something for everyone with Ceramic Pro from the car enthusiast to the daily driver. Pick the package that is best for you. Better yet, all 4 of these packages come with a warranty. The Gold comes with a lifetime warranty, the Silver, a 5-year warranty, The Bronze, a 2-year warranty and the Sport, a 6-month warranty.

Clear Bra, without a doubt, is the king of paint protection. If you are looking for the most protective solution for your vehicle, clear bra is absolutely the answer. Clear bra is one of the only surface protections that truly prevents rock chips. There are 4 major options at Prestige Auto Salon: Bumper and Headlights, Partial kit (very popular amongst Porsche owners), Full Frontal kit, and the entire vehicle. A great thing about clear bra also is that it can be removed at any time without affecting the paint, and most importantly the value of your vehicle. Here at Prestige Auto Salon, we use a state of the art plotter, exponentially reducing the need for razor blades to come near your paint surface when cutting the film.

Protect your investment!

We are a company that lives and breathes from our roots: Auto Detailing. We are Prestige Auto Salon powered by Ceramic Pro. We have been detailing cars loud and proud for year in Seattle. When it comes to making your car look and feel brand new, we are the experts. Our mission is to make you feel like you are driving a new car every day. Do you have swirling or marring on the surface of your paint? No problem. Ask us how we can restore your paint surface back to the condition it was in when you fell in love with it.

We specialize in protecting your vehicle, and nothing protects the interior of your vehicle better than a good quality tint film. We carry two types of window tint, and they are by far at the top of each of their classes. Our Ceramic tint film is the top-tier film in the majority of window tint shops. However at our shop, this is the standard. We happen to take window tinting one step further by offering carbon tint. Without even using a dark film, our infrared can reduce the heat on the interior of your vehicle 30%. This revolutionary technology doesn’t just protect your vehicle’s interior from the the harmful UV rays, it also improves your vehicle’s efficiency due to using the A/C considerably less.