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Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper Package


The best way to keep your wheels protected is with the best nano ceramic coating Fremont has to offer. Our team of experts at Prestige Auto Salon are exclusive Ceramic Pro installers and we are here to protect your investment. Your wheels can sometimes be an afterthought, however, they are one of the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle and can be difficult to keep clean. As you drive, you accumulate a lot of brake dust that can cake on to your wheels and cause unsightly scratches and dullness. With a proper Ceramic Pro nano ceramic coating on your wheels, you will no longer have to worry about these things. With our Wheels Off Package, we remove your wheels and do a full coating on them and your brake calipers. The days of timely wheel washes are over because with Ceramic Pro’s amazing hydrophobic properties, a simple rinse will take all the brake dust, bead it up and roll it off the surface. Not only will your wheels be much easier to clean, but they will have the most incredible gloss and shine. Ceramic Pro creates a hard top coat when it is layered over surfaces. So you will also be protected from minor scratches that can be caused by improper washing techniques. This package can be used as a stand alone or added on to any of our other Ceramic Pro packages. Contact our team today for a free quote!

Included in Package:

  • Removal of all four wheels
  • Steam cleaning of wheels and calipers inside and out
  • Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper applied on all exterior wheel surfaces
  • Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper applied to calipers
The best way to protect your investment!